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29 October 2009 @ 01:10 am
Various Artists - The Best of Test Showing  
Artist: Various Artists
Album name: The Best of Test Showing
Tracks :
  1. MP3LogoRugged Roads
  2. MP3LogoWaterfalls
  3. MP3LogoMoonlight on Havasll Creek
  4. MP3LogoEntering Twin Falls
  5. MP3LogoTwinlight
  6. MP3LogoTwo Hawks
  7. MP3LogoKokopellis Journey
  8. MP3LogoKacharpaya
  9. MP3LogoSinfonietta Finale Jack
  10. MP3LogoMorning MIST

What is the best phrase that describes the capitalized word?

If owls live in an PRESCRIBED natural way, they apparently

a. Choose where the how they will live
b. Live according to the laws of nature
c. Make the rules for other creatures in a region

2. The owl skims the top from the EXCESS population of various creatures means that the own.

a. Helps hold animal population in check
b. eats only part of its prey
c. Takes endangered species as prey

3. If snakes and rabbits are LIABLE to end up in the owl's sharp talons they are,

a. Unusual prey for the owl
b. Likely prey for the owl
c. Treacherous prey for the owl

4. AERIAL AGILITY is a necessary trait for

a. Pianos Player
b. Seamstress
c. High-wire artist

5. The fact that owl's nest is described as CONCEALED and SECLUDED suggests that owls.

a. Advertises where its nest is
b. Prefers to be hidden
c. Constructs its nest with wood and sticky material

sorry i dont understand